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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Squatters' New Bottle Shop

Sorry things have been so quiet this week. That whole "work" thing is getting in the way.

You may have noticed that when purchasing high ABV beers from some breweries and brewpubs you have needed to buy them directly from the brewhouse itself or from a specific area of the restaurant.

This is due to requirements of the of the packaging license that the breweries have. Since this license basically makes the brewery/brewpub an agent of the state they require some sort of storefront area.

Uinta opened their new shop area last month, Hoppers has it's own entrance; now Squatters Brewpub has created it's own bottle shop area specifically for people who want to make those out the door purchases.

In the case of Squatters, the brewhouse staff (Jenny & Jason) would have to man the door to the brewery. This cut into production time and created very limited hours. Now with a new dedicated shop, you can buy the high ABV stuff cold - virtually anytime.

The new bottle shop hours are now Monday through Saturday 11am to midnight. Most Squatters brands are available including Fifth Element and Squatters IPA in a Chubby (5ltr Keg).



Douglas said...

Awesome! I'm stopping by.

kent said...

Don't you hate it when work does that. There should be a law.

This is awesome. I'll be making a trip as well. The last purchase isn't lasting as long as I'd hoped.

Anonymous said...

where's the location? downtown squatters?

Mikey said...

147 West Broadway (300 South)
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 363-2739

Anonymous said...

Does Red Rock have an outlet like these? I want to buy some bottles of the Elephant and Dandelion Belgian. But I want to take them home. I am glad that Squatters has extended the hours of their bottle shop. Do we have an ETA on Outer Darkness?


Jon Lee said...

No ETA yet on Outer darkness.
It went on the oak last week and we will release it when it's ready. No sooner, no later.

It does taste quite nice right now though!