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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

RedRock Beer School

In the not too distance past when people needed to gain knowledge they typically had to make an arduous journey up a mountain... or something big; beg or convince the master, mentor or teacher that they were worthy of the gifts that they wish to be bestowed up on them and hopefully begin their tutelage.

With today's technology there's no need to go to the mountain. Now the Mountain can come to you. RedRock Brewing Company is taking advantage of their "mountain moving abilities" and delivering the knowledge strait to you.

Starting now, RedRock's "Beer Yogi" Kevin Templin is summoning people to the mount and would like to impart his considerable, award winning knowledge to those who desire it. RedRock Beer School is now accepting enrollment for the fall semester.

The best part about the Beer Yogi's classes? Clothing is optional... though I don't think Kevin really wants know what your are or are not wearing.

Kevin will be occasionally be emailing his brew musing to those who sign up at here and you’ll also be the first to know about live beer classes(clothing is required), tastings and new brews.

So, sign up today and you can tell your mom that your "actually doing something with your life".



Craig said...

WooHoo, beer school!

Pawnster said...

Since the "Beer Yogi" can move mountains, I suppose He wants to school all of us..