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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Epic Expands

On March 26, 2010 Epic Brewing Company began brewing it's very first beer. That was seven months ago. Since then they have been adding and adding...and adding equipment inside their tiny State Street Brewery.

Living in Utah, you can never really know which way the wind of fortune blow where beer is concerned. But one thing is certain the boys at Epic greatly underestimated the public's thirst for craft beer.

In the next few weeks Epic will be expanding their existing brewery by 3,000 square feet. Their planned expansion will more than doubling their current capacity by adding three 40 barrel fermentors that will occupy the space east of the brewery.

The expansion shouldn't affect day to day operations or store hours.



KAGent777 said...

Keep up the good work Epic. Keep churning out those tasty brews. I expect more and better things from you in the near future :-)

Douglas said...

Yep. Congrats to everyone at Epic. Success breeds success, and I fully expect this expansion will not be enough. Their future is very bright, not that anything could ever change Kevin! Rarely has a nicer set of owners, brewers and staff been assembled.