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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nice Cans!

In 2009 the owners of Buckbean Brewing Company, Douglas Booth and Daniel Kahn brought more than 30 breweries from around the world to Reno, Nevada to take part in the biggest celebration of the canned beer in the world. The reason? to expand knowledge and the reputation of canned beer.

I consider myself to be one of the converted. I used to be a Can snob, but recent developments in "canning technology" have shown my tongue that in many regards it's the best way to package and serve a beer.

In categories condensed down to five, sixty beers were entered and awards were given to the best of those.

Bohemian's Viennese Lager won Gold for best canned lager. Since it been in the can - on store shelves, it's been a huge seller. If you haven't tried it in a while check it out and send some congrats to the boys in Midvale.

2010 Canfest Winners

Gold: TallGrass Brewing - English IPA
Silver: TallGrass Brewing - IPA
Bronze: Mammoth Brewing - Epic IPA

Pale Ale/Amber Ale
Gold: Maui Brewing - Big Swell IPA
Silver: Oscar Blues - Dale's Pale Ale
Bronze: SanTan Brewing - Epicenter American Ameber Ale

Dark Ales
Gold: Oscar Blues - Gordon Ale
Silver: Four Peaks Brewing - Kilt Lifter Scotish Ale
Bronze: TallGrass Brewing - Ale

Miscellaneous Ales (Kolsch, Wheat, fruit, etc)
Gold: Four Peaks Brewing - Sun Brewed Kolsch (Best of Show)
Silver: Big Sky Brewing - Trout Slayer Ale
Bronze: Maui Brewing - Coconut Porter

Gold: Bohemian Brewing - Viennese Lager
Silver: Sante-Fe Brewing - Oktoberfest
Bronze: Coors Brewing - Coors



beer making said...

That's a nice list. Wonderful beer blog by the way. I am feeling liking drinking a beer.

kent said...

I've been keeping a regular supply of the pilsner and the Vienna in the fridge as they're just so damn refreshing. I can't wait for them to get the cherny in cans.