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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cherney Bock Comes Home

One of my favorite beers is finally out of the brewery and ready for my beer fridge.

Bohemian Brewery began canning it's Cherny Bock Schwarzbier late last week and should be hitting store shelve in the next week or so.

Cherny Bock Schwarzbier is the third lager to be canned by Bohemian Brewery. Along with Bohemian Brewery's Viennese Lager and Czech Pilsener, Cherny Bock will add to Bohemian's lager spectrum offering a beer with darker, rich aroma and taste.

Cherny Bock Pours a very dark chocolate brown with a thick tan head. The nose is full of roasted malt, dark fruits with a pleasant nuttiness. The taste started with a deep roasted malt taste, then a dark nuttiness with minor raspberry notes beneth. The end is nicely balanced with an easy piney hop bite at the end. I really love this stuff and with a ABV of 4.0 I could drink it all night.

If you can't wait for it to pop up in stores you can purchase it at the brewery in Midvale.



kent said...

Woohoo! Christmas came early.

Anonymous said...

STOKED! Between this and finally getting to try Outer Darkness this has been a good couple of weeks.

Douglas said...

The Cherney is a great beer.