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Monday, February 07, 2011

Anniversary Barleywine XVII

I've heard a lot of strange descriptors for Utah's original "Big" beer. But the funniest was a bartender at Poplar Street Pub, when he informed us that this new fangled barleywine stuff was in fact made with wine. It was good for a laugh and we still joke about it's mythical Beaujolais notes.

In 1998 Uinta Brewing Company introduced the Anniversary Barleywine. Ever since it's been a staple in many refrigerators. Today I'm pleased to say that the latest vintage is out n' about in state stores. XVII is an American Style Barleywine that works two ways. Fresh it's has a big, bold hop smack. And as as other vintages have proven, it mellows nicely with age.

If you lovez the hoppiness in your barleywine I encourage you to get a fresh bottle and check it out, it's a beautiful thing. And as always, cellar a few bottles for that rainy day that's a few years down the line. Available state wide.


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Douglas said...

I basically judge all barley wines based off of this beer. It's one hell of a brew. Fresh, and I mean fresh, it is super hoppy and aggressive. As it ages the caramel and rich maltiness dominates. I think this beer changes a great deal in the first year. I'm still looking to complete my vertical, so if anyone has early vintages, hit me up! I have plenty of good beer from out of state to trade.