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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

An Epic Rating

Individually, we beer geeks may not know it all, but when we get together we have the ability to provide keen insight into a beers true merits.

Every geeky imbiber has his or her biases. People like-what-they-like for whatever their reason and sometimes it can be hard to get a good gauge on something new because of it.

Ratebeer.com has been around for nearly a decade and in that time it has become one of the great beer resources on the planet. Beer aficionados of all levels come together to share their love of beer and give their impressions. Bias are weeded-out and as far as informal polling goes, it's as accurate as a resource can get.

Based on it's near decade of data, RateBeer gathered it's information and came up with a list of the world's best beers and best brewers. Utah's Epic Brewing came up big, being named as one of the top new brewers in the world 2010. Being beat out by only Hill Farmstead Brewery of Vermont and Stillwater Artisanal Ales out of Maryland.

It's a big deal to be in the top five and even a bigger deal when one of those breweries comes from the lowest beer consuming state in the union. It's one more reason to look to our local craft brewers first while looking to make your tongue happy. Congrats to The Epic crew!

Also, Ray's fundraiser is officially rescheduled for Wednesday, February 9 at 7:00pm. It's at the Wasatch Brewpub. $10 door cover and $3 Drafts w/ proceeds going to Ray! There will multiple local live music guests and a drawing. Hope to see you there.



Anonymous said...

That is just crazy. I love having new, exciting breweries in town, especially ones focused on bigger craft beers, but Epic's off-balance, overly smoked, unremarkable beers are a huge step down from what our premier brewers at Uinta, Squatters, and Red Rock are doing with their new lines. The Crooked Line is a great example of well-focused and remarkable big beers. I know everyone has his or her two cents here, but I can speak for many of my craft brewing friends in town on this one.

DC said...

Epic offers some smoked beers and for most people it is love hate with smoke. But to claim Epic is off-balance is maybe "off balance." In the justice halls of beer put Epics 26 styles on that scale and you will find balance is as blind as the lady herself.

Douglas said...

Epic's beers are certainly not overly smoky. In fact, I think the smoked porter needed much more smoke for my liking. Anyway, the Crooked Line is good as well.