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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Kiler Grove Winery

This really isn't beer related, but I have a feeling this story can be tweaked to make for some good Utah beer news.

The Kiler Grove Winery is a unique find--an urban winery. The grapes come from California, but will be made into wine here in Utah.

So what's the silver lining for beer geeks here? Lotsa near-by wine barrels for "barrel aging" sour beers!

Located at 53 West Truman Avenue in Salt Lake City, the winery is open for tasting on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 7 p.m.




Anonymous said...

There's a winery in layton called hive that just does fruit wines and mead...no grapes

Mikey said...

Meads? Are you F'n kidding me? That's great news!

Mikey said...

Do you have any contact info for Hive?
I'm at utahbeer@gmail.com

holly said...

I found this:

Desperately seeking mead myself, obviously...

I tried some of the Kiler Grove wine at a party the other week and really enjoyed it. Pretty exciting that this is happening in Utah.

Douglas said...

I need some mead! Please, Mikey enlighten us.

Ricky H. said...

As a freak for Mead, I'm looking forward to seeing what they have going on.


Anonymous said...

I spoke with the owner, if I remember correctly, he will have a strawberry and a currant wine for release in june, no oak age either.

Anonymous said...

They have a fb page,strange tho, I saw a pic there and itlookslike they ferment in plastic?
uh, just never seen that 'cept fr home hobby stuff.