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Friday, February 11, 2011

New Beer Friday 2/11/11

Today we have a bit of an anomaly for you. Mark at the Bayou got bunch of Firestone Mission Street IPAs. The reason this is strange is that these beers are made exclusively for Trader Joe's. And since there are no Trader Joes's in Utah and if there were, they certainly wouldn't be allowed to sell high point beer, so in my book this qualifies as weird.

So today, someone else's screw-up is your gain! Firestone Mission St IPA has a citrusy nose with good citrus/piney hop flavor and enough malt backbone to smooth the edges. The finish is clean and slightly bitter. Also at select liquor stores.

Rooster's made a special beer for the Winter Dew Tour. I have no info on "Dew Brew" but it's available at Roosters in Ogden. If you've had it let us know how it is.



kent said...

Well thanks for hanging with my drunk ass Mikey. That was a blast.

Made for a rough morning though... :)

shead said...

It was good to see you for a bit there Kent and to meet you Mikey!

Mark said...

Hey all, I did some more research on the Mission St. On the bottle they say it won Gold at 2010 GABF for Red Ales. Guess what beer the GABF has listed for Gold that year? Red Nectar.

It looks like this is Red Nectar relabeled for Trader Joe's as Mission Street IPA.

Silly marketing people. IPA, Red Ale, who cares just slap a new label on that bastard and our Trader Joe customers will drink the crap out of it :-)

Douglas said...

What's the ABV on the bottles Mark?