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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Desert Select Comes to the Wasatch Front

A lot of you seem pretty stoked about the impending release of Duhbe and I don't blame you I'm a fan of the Black IPAs myself. But it's not the first BIPA to be made in the state.

Moab Brewing co. actually gets the credit for having the first BIPA a Double BIPA in fact. It was released about two years ago. The problem was it was only available in Moab, and if you never got a chance to get down there, you probably never got a chance to try it. This is no longer the case.

You can now get your Desert Select bottles at 7 liquor stores in the state. All three brands Black Imp. IPA, Scotch Ale and Belgian style Triple all are 8.59% by Vol. The locations are; W.V.C.(3381 s Redwood), Harrisville(484 n Wall ave), Holliday(1814 e Murry Holliday Rd), Draper(14445 Minuteman Dr), Park City(1550 Snowcreek Dr), Pleasant Grove(671 s Pleasant Grove Blvd), and Moab(55 w 200 s). They are not cheep at $14.99 per 1 Liter bottle.

Brewmaster Jeff Van Horn says, there is plenty of stock to last a while and to look for more styles in the Desert Select Series before the end of the year.

Also new, Moab is now producing all of the draft products for the Moab and Park City brands in Moab. These were formerly contracted out to an out if state brewery. It's good know it's local again. They've been doing this for a good month now and shipping to Carlson Distributing in SLC. Also, building permits for the big Moab brewery expansion have been approved, so look for big things from Moab in the coming year. Congrats to the entire Moab crew.


Anonymous said...

What do people think of their Scotch Ale? It is one of my favorite styles (Boundary Bay Scotch Ale, Pike's Kilt Lifter, etc).

Douglas said...

I loved the Black IIPA! I know there were issues with bottling before, my bottles were fine but some were flat. But overall, I think all three beers in this series were good and I'm glad to see them getting more distribution. I'd like to see more Desert Select stuff as well.

Joe Snow said...

why the the wierd limited runs at the liquor stores? no love for downtowners?

Mikey said...

The downtown stores get all the love. The people in the burbs deserve a decent selection for a change. Used to driving for my beer anyway, my local liquor store (Bountiful) does'nt have shit.