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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bad Business and Politics in Utah

Who the Hell is running this state? I just don't get it!

Just in case you've missed it thus far, the state legislature had directed the very profitable Department of Alcohol Beverage Control to cut $2.2 million from their annual budget. The DABC found the only way to comply was to shut down a dozen liquor stores across the state and cut the remaining store's hours.

Then came the public outrage. Suddenly these lawmakers, who couldn't give one tenth of one shit about these liquor stores closing were suddenly outraged that the DABC couldn't come up with a better way to cut the money.

Now, with two days to go before the recommended liquor stores are to shut their doors comes new word that House and Senate leaders may be willing to sign off on a one-time $1.4 million appropriation to keep the stores in business – at least until next February.

So let me get this straight... four months ago they (DABC) were forced to cut $2.2 million and now they get a gift of $1.4 million from the very people that took the money away in the first place.

Now I ain'ts the most educated of folk, but my "cifer'n" skills show that to be an actual budget cut of $800,000. On April 5th of this year Senator Mike Wadupps said, "They're not being treated different than any of the other agencies of government, but they're asking for a different treatment. They're not the favored stepchild,"

Well, Mike. Apparently they do need to be treated differently, These aren't children who throw tantrums because they're not being treated fairly. They're department who are supposed to not whine and do as their told. Right?

This beast (DABC) that the state has created has to be run like a business not a department in some kind of neo-prohibitionist religious organization. You don't penalize arms of your business for making you/us a shit-load of money.

Senate President Michael Waddoups told FOX 13 News Monday afternoon he will “absolutely” sign off on the $1.4 million appropriation. If the stores are saved the DABC will not have to layoff the employees that currently work at the stores.

Keep your eyes on these legislative douche-bags. I guarantee this will come around again in 2012, and their going to try to pull the same ol' shit that didn't work-out so well this year. In the name of over-consumption of course....


Anonymous said...

what is the definition of over consumption I keep hearing from the folk that control the state? I have yet to see the sand box in which we can play? Can someone please tell me so I can make sure I don't fall out of the box?

Carlos said...

Ha. This one party state keeps overstepping, as expected when they have no opposition to worry about. Of course, as expected, the morons of this state will still keep voting Republican.

About over-consumption: I believe they banned the mini-keg (aka "chubby" [hehe]) 'cause they felt it promoted "over-consumption." I had never bought one before and didn't plan on doing so. However, being the immature person I am, when Sen. Valentine moved to ban it I had to get one, just 'cause it was going to soon be illegal. So I bought one.

So my thought is this: If the mini-keg promoted over-consumption (inasmuch as an inanimate object can promote over-consumption), and John Valentine's actions encouraged me to buy a mini-keg, can we say that John Valentine promoted over-consumption? And, following Sen. Valentine's logic that things that promote over-consumption should be prohibited, should we ban John Valentine?

I demand action, Senator Valentine. You are putting the people of this state at risk by allowing the continued presence of John Valentine in this state!

Douglas said...

Closing the stores never made much sense to me from a fiscal standpoint. Here's an idea: privatize the liquor business and sell the stores/stock for profit. Sell licenses. The state would make a fortune. Consumers, especially beer consumers, would benefit massively from competition- this is what drives the good beer stores in CA or CO- they compete. Wait, I'm dreaming again:(

Ricky H. said...

I second your idea Carlos. Let's ban John Valentine.


Anonymous said...

I hope none of you guys vote Republican locally.

Anonymous said...

Do the laws and politics in this state ever make sense. I think this just gives them the illusion of control while actually changing nothing. We just get less beer an life moves on.... That is until next year (dun dun dun)

And can you control over consumption. How many is to many for the law to handle. A mini keg or a case makes no difference. You can still buy 30 buds in one case for 20 bucks.

Plang said...

You are preaching to the choir, Reverend Mikey.

I still haven't figured out why they have to cut the budget of the DABC when it actually pays for itself and then some. The legislature cutting the DABC budget and forcing store closures would actually mean less money for the state in the long run. That would mean LESS money for school lunch programs and the other things that liquor profits go towards. The problem is that they all just assumed that we heathens would just drive across town to another store.

Okay, I might actually do that. Or I may fill up the trunk of the car the next time I'm in Colorado or Nevada.

Shaun said...

Utah isnt really a state it's a republic. Just saying !