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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A New "Direction" for Uinta

I've been suck'n down Uinta beers for most of my adult life. There was always something comforting about seeing their trademark bottle cap logo. Simple and to the point, Like Tabasco. I see it, I recognize it, I know what to expect. Now Uinta has introduced a new logo to complement the same ol' beer we've known for so long and I'm a little sad.

The new logo; as you can see is a symbol that closely represents the meaning behind the name “Uinta”. The logo depicts a mountain range circumscribed by a compass dial highlighting the East and West coordinates. If your familiar with the Uinta Mountain range at all, you know it's unique because it's the only major East-West running mountain range in the continental United States.

The Compass is a tool which represents Uinta Brewing in several ways. The Uinta family prides itself on its sense of direction and focus on brewing quality, consistent beers.

I get it. As Uinta expands their brand across the U.S., they need to let people know who they are and where they/we come from in a simple way. And that's smart. People in Georgia can barely pronounce Uinta (you-in-tah) let alone know it's meaning.

After eighteen years worth of brand-identity it's going to take a little while for the new images to make their way into the market. Change sucks. I know after time I'll get used to the new logo, maybe a Cutthroat will help. What do you think of it?



Douglas said...

I was really impressed with the Dubhe, it has hoppy and had roasted/chocolate flavors as well but then there was a intense spiciness (from the hemp seed?). It is getting great reviews on rate beer.

Craig said...

Yea, it will take some time to get used to the new logo.

Anonymous said...

The new logo is how do you say dumb.[duhm]lacking intelligence or good judgment; stupid; dull-witted. as may things why fix something thats not broken.

Anonymous said...

Compared to their old logo it seems, well, generic. My 3 yr old comes up w/ better designs than that..you asked.

Carlos said...

Guess I'm alone on this one. I think it's an improvement.

The original logo was OK, but kinda looked like stuff I made up for my first website back in high school. Kinda kitschy looking.

I'll agree that the new one is a little... sanitary? And could have struck a more original style. But I think it's an improvement. And it has a little meaning behind it, which is good. The only thing I don't like at all is the "and". Looks out of place.

Ed said...

Got to go with Carlos. It's a visual and conceptual improvement -- although they lose some "brand recognition", as Mikey pointed out. But I think it'll be more memorable in the long run.

I agree that it's not stylistically that unique, but more so than the old one. To really nit-pick: I hope it's not too "busy" at a smaller size (i.e. on a bottle cap), but the important stuff is in the higher contrast white, so I think it'll be OK. I do really like the "UINTA" type. I can see wearing that on a shirt, for sure.

Plang said...

Problem is, it looks like a number of other labels from brewers in the Mountain West. Other than the color, it looks sort of like Breckenridge Brewery's logo. There are a few others that have that sort of generic mountain look to them.

New Brewery said...

I think the bottle cap logo is much better, the new logo looks very generic.

Logo design is difficult to say the least. It's tough rolling the entire identity of your business into one small logo. We are going through this process right now, and finding very tough to decide on one.