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Thursday, April 07, 2011

A Propossed Ban on Convenient Store Beer!

As we all know the urge to consume a beer immediately after purchasing is so strong that we as beer consumers will do anything, kill anyone who prevents us from enjoying our sweet mistress, the 3.2 beer. Luckily there is man among us who is capable of saving us from ourselves and our inability to make rational decisions.

At the March 24th DABC meeting, DABC Commissioner Gordon Strachan hinted that he may soon propose a ban on selling all beer at Utah convenience stores. Strachan made it very clear how he feels about beer being sold at gas stations and convenience stores.

Because Strachan may only have a few months left as a DABC commissioner, sources say that he could bring up this ban at the DABC's April 28th hearing. Judging by his comments at that March DABC meeting, Strachan apparently feels that it's simply too easy to buy a big, cold beer and then simply drive away, "I have long been an advocate of the fact that beer should not be sold at gas stations."

However, Commissioner Strachan faces some obstacles. Not only is there a lot of opposition to his ban, but there are also questions about how much authority DABC has in this matter.

The sale of low point beer makes up nearly 40% of sales for these store. Many say that they can't stay in business without a beer license. A ban like this would absolutely devastate most gas stations and convenient stores, not to mention the hit to our small local breweries.

Pure and simple; this is a tiny, little man who wishes to show his "masters" that he's a good and obedient little sheep.

Here's the story that KTVX did last night.


Plang said...

I agree with you: this guy is just one of Waddoups’ lackeys. I don’t think the fact that it would hurt convenience stores is on their minds, as much as just trying to take alcohol away from us unclean heathens. I’m not too worried about a proposal like that making it out of the DABC. I think there are enough somewhat rational people on the board (currently) to keep that from happening. I am worried about what will happen when the Gov and the Legislature have more power over the board.
We took one step forward with Huntsman here, and now we have taken 10 steps back.

Anonymous said...

Seems like it is more about the DABC getting their hands on the revenue.

Carlos said...

I agree with Anonymous.

I've think I've reached the point where I'm going to cut down significantly on my beer purchases that benefit the state of Utah.

It's kind of a double-edged sword, as it effectively means that the teatotalers are "winning" by causing me to drink less. But I think I'm done caring.

It's lame and probably an ineffective way to make my point, but that's where I'm at.

At least I still have homebrew!

Anonymous said...

How much more of this are people willing to take? Isn't their a way to bring some sort of class-action lawsuit against these asshats?
With the exception of locally made beer, I will not be buying ONE DROP of alcohol from this state.
Summer's almost here- lots daylight and clear roads. Time to jump in the car with a couple of buds (friends, that is ;>)and take a little roadtrip once a month or so...

Anonymous said...

"If you think these guys are bad, you should see the people who voted them into office." ~ Molly Ivins

Douglas said...

I certainly agree with the overall stupidity of this. Wait, people can buy beer and then just drive off. So what's the alternative? People would have to wait inside a store for 2 hours before leaving? In some sense, this doesn't matter to me, I've never bought beer in a convenience store since it's all macro swill. But once again, they are trying to take away freedoms without an attempt to justify their action. I'll continue to buy beer in large numbers at Epic and Squatters, Red Rock and others, but if I want non-Utah beer for take out I have to go to the State Store.

Anonymous said...

I wish the teabaggers would think that messing with beer demanded a 2nd amendment solution.

Anonymous said...

What's next, the removal of the 96 oz diet coke....

Anonymous said...

We all know that would never pass. People have a right to choose drink what they want, regardless of how it affects their health. Unless it contains alcohol. Then we can ban it. 'Cause my God says it's wrong. You don't believe in my God? Well too bad. You still have to do what he says.

Ms Angie's Attic said...

DABC doesn't get the revenue if they move the beer out of the convenient stores. Let me explain how DABC gets it revenue, like all other state agencies. Every dime that is spent in a liquor store goes into the state general fund. When the legislature meets in January and sets the budget they get their money for the next year. So until they get their new budget, they are broke.

Patti said...

I oppose the ban - vehemently, but I really wish we could get some craft beers in the convenience stores as well. It would be nice to get some local brews instead of the big chain beers.

Now onto the DABC and Waddoups - what the heck is going on with the Legislature this year? Everyone seems so worried about what everybody else is thinking of them, I feel like we're in Junior High again.

Shaun said...

Anyone who drinks 3.2% should be thrown in jail. If they would just make Barleywine available at all mini-marts we wouldant have any problems. :)

KAGent777 said...

I waited to think about this for some time before I commented so that I could make some logical conclusions.

Even though I have not purchased beer from a convenience store in at least six years this would affect me and most of us interested in good beer in several ways.

1. From a simple economic standpoint, this makes no sense. AS Mikey mentioned in the post, the convenience stores rely on beer sales for a large portion of their revenue. To shut off this revenue stream during an economic downturn as we have now is simply short sighted, at best; and incompetent, at worst.

2. I thought that a central idea in the USA was freedom. Who is this unelected guy think he is to limit my freedom? You might say, "Morrison, you said earlier that you have not bought beer from a convenience store in years, how is this going to affect your freedom?" I would answer that it takes away my options. If we do not stand up now, when do we stand up?

3. Unintended consequences: Where will the sale of macro beer go? To the DABC. This means that the little shelf space that is dedicated to beer in the state store would be diluted with beer that we are not interested in. Less good beer available to us.

The potential public safety argument is a straw man. I have never wanted beer so much that I would go to a convenience store to purchase some and drink them before driving home, or worse, while on the way home. Where are the statistics that show that Utah is an overly drunk state?

While this has no chance of passing, even here, this should never even be in the mind of one of our DABC commissioners. These guys need some logic, I hope I have presented some logical arguments against this plan.

Go enjoy a cold one,