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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Squatters Pequeño Imperial

Ah Mexican beers. Many beer geeks are prone to poo-poo them others simply don't acknowledge them at all, which is a shame because they are a true North American beer style.

There have always been fermented alcoholic beverages in North & South America but it wasn't until the Spanish conquest of Mexico that European beer hit the scene.

Beer in Mexico had a tough time catching-on, unlike it had around the rest of the world. Ingredients were generally expensive, combined with highly regulated alcohol consumption laws and competition from native beverages... it took decades for breweries in Mexico find a market.

It wasn't until a large influx of German immigrants to Mexico in the 1900's that beer finally started to find a rhythm south of the boarder.

Almost all beer produced in Mexico is Pilsner style. But the introduction of Bohemian style beers through the giant brewery Cuauhtémoc would define Mexican Pilsner beer as the Pilsner.

Mexican beer is distinctive for its lager-like properties, being generally light-bodied with a mild taste low hop profile and is meant to be drunk cold.

To honor Utah's Latino community and to help celebrate Cinco De Mayo Squatters has brewed up a tributary special edition Mexican Style Lager called Pequeño Imperial.

They took American craft beer exuberance, united it with the traditional crisp and refreshing Mexican lager styles. Add some trendy craft brewing "super sizing" and you get a beer fitting of the name Pequeno Imperial.

Pequeño Imperial will have an ABV of 6.5% and will be made available around the first of May.

It is common to serve light Mexican beers in North America and Europe with a wedge of lime on the bottle and/or squeezed down the neck. The practice is less common in Mexico, outside the tourist areas. From the conversations I've had while visiting Mexico, this is all just gringo bull shit. It's simply to keep flies off the bottles rim and for disinfecting.

Try it without the lime. If you've gotta have one, I'm sure something can be worked out.



Anonymous said...

Awesome, gotta love a Double Imperial Light Lager, my favorite style.
Good one Jenny!

Michael said...

is this for real? or a late april fools joke

Anonymous said...

It's real, but don't take it serious! A lot of inside jokes on the name. But the beer will be great, Jenny wouldn't brew it any other way.