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Friday, April 01, 2011

New Beer Friday 4/1/11

Ok, I dropped the ball on you all today. There's new stuff at the Bayou and I'm just being informed about them.

Boulevard Dark Truth Stout: Coffee and chocolate dominate. Plenty of dark bready notes followed by some dark rum and fig qualities. Caramel and toffee present as well. Floral and grassy hop notes round things out. The finish is drying.

Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball: Tastes like malt and fig, some chocolate. Finishes with some alcohol and some citrusy hops. It could probably mesh a bit better. Still, it's pretty good.

Both are here at the Bayou.



Mark said...

And Lagunitas Gnarly Wine!

Anonymous said...

just watned to say i found some deschutes abyss at the wine store on 3rd south in SLC and there is still some left! probably the rarest beer i've seen not through the bars.

KAGent777 said...

This is one of those "rare beers" that seems to be pretty easy to find in a few of the stores. I think the 15 dollar price scare some people off from getting it.
The '09 had infection issues, although the beer guy at the 3rd east store told me that he had not heard that any that went through his store were infected. The new bottles of '10 should be arriving soon.
I can't seem to bite the bullet and try this one, the price scares me off. Is it really 5 time better than Old Rasputin being 5 times the price.


Douglas said...

09 infected Abyss bottles were certainly in Utah- I bought a few:( It was still a good beer. In terms of the price, it is not 5X better than Old Raspy. I don't know about now, but a few years ago Abyss was 9.99 in Vegas and Boise. Still, the Abyss is amazing and I bought a few 2010s.