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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

All Rêve'd Up for Summer

The photo in yesterday's post was such a hit that we are considering a "Men of RedRock Calendar". Nothing brings back the sexy like a shirtless man in knee high rubber boots being sprayed with sticky wort.

To ensure these Adonises stay lean and mean they're going to have keep hoisting those big oak casks full of yummy beer. So I urge you to get out and spend some of those hard earned Quatloos on some of RedRock's annual release of Rêve Belgian Style Triple. I had a sample at the Mountain Brewers Fest and this batch seems to be the best one yet.

Aged one year in oak, This beer pours a light golden honey color with a moderate fluffy white head that dissipated to a very thin froth. The nose is a little boozy with banana, cloves malt and ripe mango. The taste is very much the same starting with candied sugar and cloves that transitions into toasted malt, peaches and banana. The end is sweet and oaky. The alcohol is warming and welcomed, masked well by Rêve?s full body. It adds a whole new dimension to the beer. You really get a good sense of the oak in the finish.

I recommend cellaring some of these. They tend to age very, very well.



D-Licious D said...

Since you recommend "cellaring" some of these does that mean I can get them outside of the restaurant? I must know where!

Thanks for fighting the good beer fight for us here in Utah!

Mikey said...

You can by them "to go" at the brewpub.

KAGent777 said...

Any word on how many "Quatloos" we need to shell out to get a bottle of the is? I am curious to try some.


D-Licious D said...


This is one of my favorite beverages.


Ricky H. said...

We can get them to go! Yay, now I don't have to sleep it off in pioneer park with the rest of the drunks!

---Ricky H.

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to style/shoot the calendar if need be...it could use a woman's touch.

And, yes, someone give a price point on these babies if they find out. Will likely stop in end of week.

Cheers and thanks as always, Mikey!

Mikey said...

Lola like $16.99 per 750ml. 2 per visit.

lotusburger said...

Thanks! Good to know! We tried to buy some Reve in PC and they can't even sell it from their bar/grill. UTAH laws SUCK!!