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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I Get By With a Little Help From my Friends

It's a lonely job writing a narrow niche blog like this. It's nice when good people who love Utah's beer scene as much as I do jump in to help spread the beer love and tell the stories of the people - who do so much to make our tongues and bellies happy.

So I urge you to go out and pick up a copy of SLUG Magazines Annual Beer Issue. It's full of great stories about the Land of Misfit Beers, written by great people (myself included) who love Utah's beer as much as we do. Get a copy now before their gone.


P.S. Those three ruggedly hansom specimens pictured above made Mrs. Mikey Squeal like a tween at Bieber-Fest.

Photo Courtesy: SLUG & Katie Panzer


Greg said...

Thanks for the tip on Slug. I left Utah in 1997 and read your blog out of curiosity (and sympathy). Things have changed dramatically, even if you may not think so. When I was at the U in the 80s, Lowenbrau Dark on tap was about as exotic as it got.

Anonymous said...

What a bad ass rockstar.

Special One said...

This is definitely hopeful and exciting to read from a beer connoisseur and homebrewer moving from California to Salt Lake.

And thanks for the blog. Nice to know that beer does have life in the theocratic state of Utah. I can't wait to take advantage.

Anonymous said...