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Thursday, June 16, 2011

With Good Comes Bad

Yup, with good comes bad. I should just leave it there. If that's not depressing enough, I have more that goes with that statement.

When the DABC decided to start looking at putting their beer storage in the hands of local distributors, most of us thought it was a great idea. The distributors at least have some cold storage and that's better for our beer. Right?

One problem this brings (it's the bad that goes with the above mentioned good) is that all these out of state breweries are now scrambling to find distributors and there are but a handful of them with limited space as it is.

The result will likely be that some of you favorite out of state brands may be going away, for a long time or permanently. Big Sky Brewing will be one such casualty. The state will no longer carry any of their labels except for Moose Drool.

It's too early to say what else will be affected, but it looks like a trend we will likely have to deal with.

On the bright side. There are a lot of great local brands, with new labels coming almost monthly. Sorry for pissing in your Cheerios so early.



baldismetal said...

Hey Mikey, I was wondering if you knew if the upcoming law about no drink specials will affect things like Thirsty Thursdays at Bees games? I realize this is off topic, but I figured if anybody had the answer, it would be you. I cannot figure out if this law is just aimed at bars or at any place that serves the evil narcotic alcohol. Thanks!

Mikey said...

The people who write these laws often don't know the difference between a chardonnay and an IPA. This creates laws that are so convoluted and poorly written, where interpretation rules supreme.

My guess is that it would affect sports venues as well. It's hard to say for sure. Sorry , I know that's not much help.

baldismetal said...

That is what I feared. Sigh...I guess I will go drink a Dubhe and just chill my troubles away.

Anonymous said...

Is there a shortage on these private distributor licenses like everything else DABC can restrict?

Anonymous said...

I think the best option is to drink local brew as much as possible & when you want some stuff from elsewhere, stock up when you go to a neighboring state. Screw these clowns.

Plang said...

I don't think there are any shortages on private distributor licenses, I think the fact that the state has the monopoly on that has kept their numbers low. Even if a few were to start business soon, it would take many months before they could truly be up and running.