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Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Beer Friday 6/24/11

Another slow week in the local beer world. No fear, I'll help you end it properly with some new stuff to quaff.

First up is a Belgian style dubbel from Sierra Nevada. Brewed in collaboration with the monks at the Abby of New Clairvoux in Vina, California this beer closly follows traditions established by centuries of monastic brewing.

Starts Malty with more than enough grassy hop bitterness for balance. Brown sugar, bread and nuts come next with mild caramel and cocoa. Finishes with a light, lingering peppery spice. Has a light to medium body and feel. 7.50% ABV. At the Beerhive.

The next beer I came across at the grocery store. It's from Lancaster Brewing out of the U.K.

Lancaster Amber, starts with rich bready caramel and toffee. Next comes a mild floral hop bite with a slight mineral finish. Medium to light body and feel. 3.7% ABV.

Found this at Fresh Market. I imagine it's at most stores.

Have a great weekend and cheers!

1 comment:

Joe Snow said...

saw the seirra nevada dubbel as well as the estate at the 3rd and 3rd liquor store.