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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In the Meantime.....

Sadly last week there was no "New Beer Friday". However, later Friday afternoon two new beers did pop up at the Bayou.

Both are from Meantime Brewing out of the U.K. The First is Meantime's Coffee Porter. The nose is all coffee up front followed by a toasted, slightly creamy malt. The taste brings a rich coffee up front with a solid toasted malt middle followed by a long lingering bittersweet chocolate finish. Silky smooth almost creamy mouthfeel. This is a very drinkable porter with a reasonable 6.0% abv. Served from a 330 ml bottle.

The next Meantime beer is Scotch Ale. Sadly it's no longer being produced. These must be some of the final bottles produced. The aroma is a complex mix of malt, heavily toasted grains and maple syrup. The taste starts with a little dry toasted pumpernickle, after the swallow. The malts sweetness is able to develop into fresh baked dark wheat bread with toffee and coffee finishing the flavor profile.

It's a damn shame that beer was retired, because it's quite a fine Scotch Ale. 8.0% abv served from a 750ml bottle. Again, this beer is retired. It's likely once it's gone - it's gone for good. Both are at the Bayou.


1 comment:

kent said...

I'm not usually a porter fan but I'll give this a try. And I'll definitely try the Scotch Ale.

Thanks Mikey