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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Utah Medals in San Diego

Had any So-Cal beers beers lately? If not seek some out. If your a true fan of beer, you know that some of the best beers in the world are coming from the San Diego area from such noted breweries as AleSmith, Stone, Lost Abbey/Port Brewing & Green Flash.

It's also a tough place to showcase beers because the brewing community there is so strong and the quality is top tier. That's why it's a huge achievement when outsiders can come in to their local competitions and do well.

That's what happened recently at the 2011 San Diego International Beer Festival. Two of Utah's finest went in and emerged with some serious harwdare in some tough categories.

Three Gold medals and a Silver were awarded to two Utah breweries. Uinta Brewing's
Cockeyed Cooper won Gold for their Bourbon Barrel Barleywine in the Wood and Barrel Aged category. A second Gold medal was also bestowed to Uinta's Labryinth Black Ale in the Imperial Stout category. Those are two extremely tough categories; high praise for a Utah brand.

Epic Brewing Co. Earned a Gold as well for their Wit Beer in the Belgian-Style Wit or White Ale category. Witbiers are very popular right now and this one is one of the best. Epic's Pfeifferhorn Lager also won a Silver in the American-Style Lager category.

Congrats to our local boys and girls for going into a tough room and coming away with great honors.



KAGent777 said...

Congratulations are in order. The silver that Epic won for Pfeifferhorn lager for American lager, that category had interesting results. The gold went to Michelob, AB InBev; I guess this is why they take the labels off of the beers during competition.


Shaun said...

Cockeyed copper is such a great barley wine, glad they got recognized for it !

Lee said...

Speaking of California beers... I had the Lagunitas IPA at the Bayou 2 weeks ago and thought I was in heaven. That stuff was just awesome. You should try it.