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Friday, July 22, 2011

New Beer Friday 7/22/11

You made it to Friday. You've worked hard all week. You deserve a great beer. I've got a few new options for you today that are spread out over SL county.

Firestone Walker's Double Jack Double IPA: Really nice IPA. Hops are nice and smells unbelievable. Citrus is most noticeable with orange and grapefruit. Heavy piney sap is in there as well. The taste starts with grapefruit, cirtus, and even a hint of mango. Turns bitter toward the middle with piney hops that go till the finish. The finish leaves the mouth wet opposed to a dry, crisp end and lingers with bitterness. The 9.5% abv is well hidden. @ Beerhive.

Rogue Dad's Little Helper: This is Rogue's answer to the malt liquor. You know Colt 45? King Cobra? Anway the nose is of toasted malt, grass, and honey. The Taste starts with grass, honey, small amount of hops and toasted malt. Finishes grassy and boozy. not bad but I probably won't be going back for it. @ Beerhive

Bohemian Rye: This is supposedly a different rye beer from the one that was previously released. The nose is very flowery with some light earthy aromas and some biscuit malts. The taste is sweet upfront with some spicy and flowery notes in the background and has nice lasting bitterness. @ Bohemian Brewery

Desert Edge Espresso Stout: On nitro. The nose is of Espresso (duh!) a hint of cream, and a whisper of chocolate. The taste is mainly just espresso but executed with restraint. Moderate carbonation. A bit thinner than I'd prefer but it increases the drinkability factor. @ Bayou - Desert Edge.



Douglas said...

The Double Jack is just insanely good. It is easily one of my favorite IIPAs.

Mikey said...

Agreed! It's truly brilliant!

Plang said...

If you go to Desert Edge and sit at the bar, ask the bartender for an Espresso Stout Float. They used to make them when they had that stout on tap. They just fill a mug two-thirds of the way up and add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. That is truly a wonderful creation.

Anonymous said...

Sad that the 3.2 rule forced them to make their stout too watery. :(