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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Beer Taxes are Likely

Utahans love their taxes, especially when they're "use taxes". Now some of you may be saying, hold on there Beer Nerd, Utah is the most red of "red" states. Your wrong"! Trust the Beer Nerd... a politician loves nothing more than going to the "majority" of their constituents and proclaiming "we're raising the taxes but not on you fine, like-minded people". That's when "new taxes" really shine here.

This scenario is likely to happen if some in law enforcement have their way. Reed Richards, (Mr. Fantastic) a representative with the Utah Sheriffs Association, floated an idea early last week of earmarking five cents of the state’s beer tax for the county jails to make sure the Department of Corrections has the money to send inmates to the counties.

Reed's concept is that a five-cent tax increase on a 12-ounce beer would solve all of their budget problems because beer is the root cause of all of their inmates problems, ergo beer fixes it's own problems.

In regards to we beer drinkers, I don't think it's about adding a few more pennies to the price of a beer it's about beer drinkers and alcohol consumers being the states "whipping boy" every time some mismanaged state agency needs cash to fill some deficit - all the while rescuing drinker and non-drinker alike from annual budget issues.

If they decide to pile on us once again, urge the legislature to craft a modest and fair tax increase that would truly bring in the needed funds like, errr.... soda?


The Reaper said...

Here, here! This guys comments about beer being the reason they are in prison in the first place is ridiculous. He knows he is throwing a statement out there that is a lie that will be easily picked up and run with by narrow-minded people. Thanks for your work, Mike, in keeping this issue in focus.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind beer is the most heavily taxed consumer good. We pay 12.80 per bbl to the state when we produce it plus 7.00 per bbl to the feds. You pay tax on it when you purchase it. Through out the state the tax rates are different so some people like us in resort towns pay more than our fair share 7.45% compared with the 6.5% in other communities. You pay an addition 68% tax on beer higher than 4% abv if you purachse from a larger brewer a bit less for a small brewer. Most of this tax is absord by the manufacture to keep pricing in line so really you don't feel the full brunt of the full tax. The manufucature gets beat down in price to the state so you can afford to purchase our fine craft. The state needs to start looking else where for money or cut spending and do without. My vote cut spending and do without. That is what I have to do. No new Stainless tanks for the brewers when we don't have the money.

Brett said...

The ignorance of Mr Fantastic's exact quote from the Tribune blew me away:

"The concept is that … a five-cent increase on a 12-ounce beer is pretty small, particularly when it solves a problem created by over-drinkers," Richards said.

He sure gives those "over-drinkers" a lot of credit.

Source: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/mobile/52229009-90/beer-counties-county-funding.html.csp

Plang said...

I saw this last week as well but did not have the time to jump on it. That guy is a piece of work. But how are they going to get their money if Waddoups and company keep closing liquor stores to save money?

kent said...

Shouldn't our wonderful federal representatives that proclaim a vicious hatred of all revenue increases be calling back home and voicing their disdain for this idea? If they don't...well it almost, seems like hypocrisy, I guess that couldn't possibly be.

Thanks Mike, good comments all.