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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A New Era at the DABC

There's a new person in charge at the Utah Department of Alcohol Beverage Control. Gov. Gary Herbert named Richard Sperry the chairman of the DABC Commission. The Governor also filled one of two vacancies on the commission, former state senator David Gladwell, an Ogden attorney, was confirmed to a four-year term on the commission.

Once the remaining commission seat is filled, a search for a new executive director for the department will get under way. The current executive director, Dennis Kellen, will be retiring after allegations of mismanagement.

This new commission will be different from others in recent history because it will be more tightly monitored and controlled by a select group of anti-liquor legislators who will have full control of the type of persons that enforce and administer the laws they pass.

I won't make any judgments on these new and pending appointments, but it's likely they'll do their masters bidding (Valentine & Waddoups) without question. Unlike former DABC Chairman, Sam Granato.


Anonymous said...

I just left a comment for the governor to express my distaste ( http://www.utah.gov/governor/contact/index.html ). Not that I expect anyone to read it....

Uncle Remus said...

Thy shalt Tax jello and all thy problems shall pass

Anonymous said...

Those two criminals in the DABC being removed is the best thing that can happen for the liquor laws and licensing in this state. I have personal knowledge of the "real deal" and why they are out of office. People don't seem to have a clue in Utah about how really corrupt Kellen and Granato are. I know that we will have a better regulated system in our state when it comes to alcohol, licensing for restaurants and clubs, etc. Can you all please say goodbye to Nepotism and organized crime in one of the most corrupt state agencies in Utah instead of jumping to the assumption that Valentine and Waddoups are out to make Utah a restrictive oppressed state when it comes to alcohol. They are actually doing the opposite. They want people who follow the law running this state agency. Finally maybe we can find a justice - and I am speaking about a local bar and a person that owns this bar, yet was strongarmed out of his own bar by Sam Granato, his nephew and the DABC. GOODBYE SAM AND DENNIS - Glad to see you go. Maybe we can find justice finally for the original owner of A Bar Named Sue - get him back what is rightfully his.