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Friday, July 06, 2012

Beer is Flowing at the Hop 'n Keg

We can officially add another brewery to our list, the Hop 'n Keg brewery in Vernal is now pouring beer. That's seventeen places in Utah, making beer if your keeping score at home.

Their first beer is an unnamed (as of this writing) Amber Ale. So we can technically call this New Beer Friday. I'm still waiting for more updates from the brewery; until then congrats to the Hop 'n Keg/Quarry Steakhouse and the community of Vernal.

The Hop 'n Keg/Quarry Steakhouse is located at 25 South Vernal Avenue in Vernal, Utah.


Photo: Vernal Express


Anonymous said...

Went there on Saturday and the only thing they had available was a Nut Brown.

Mikey said...

Well, how was it?

Keg Hire perth said...

I wanna go in that place.