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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who Has the Coldest Beer?

It's time once again for City Weekly's Coldest Beer Issue. 18 CW staffers hit the road to visit more than 200 bars around the state.

CW's focus was primarily on true club establishments but also visited a number of taverns and even a few resort watering holes. Choosing the cheapest pilsner the establishments offer (usually Bud Light) a digital thermometer was used to take the pulse of each assigned bar.

It's good info to have especially during these hot months but It's not exactly high science. A beer poured first thing in the morning is defiantly going to be colder - just because it's been sitting in a refrigerated line all night.

Just a little beer geek 101 for you: If your beer is served in a  snifter,  goblet or chalice is a likely a style that is not meant to be served too cold. The bowl of these glasses are partly designed to warm the beer with the hands as you drink. This is a general rule, not gospel.

Check out City Weekly's full article here, then get out and enjoy a great local craft beer.


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