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Friday, September 07, 2012

New Beer Friday 9/7/12

Last week Hoppers debuted their GABF entry into the Pro-Am competition. Dallas Barlow's Rated X   British Style Mild Ale was well received and had everyone looking forward to the next Pro-Am release.

On the heals of last week's debut, Epic Brewing is offering the Pro-Am version of Scott Hunt's award winning IPA 74 today. Hunt’s beer will be released under Epic’s Hopulent IPA brand label. Look at the “release information area” on the side of the bottle for "Pro-Am '12". Big congrats to Scott, can't wait to try it! @ Epic & "better beer bars".

Boulevard Brewing's Collaboration #3 -Stingo is in the market as well. The nose starts with nutty - dark malts, biscuit, toast, toffee and herbal hops. The taste starts with rich brown and dark malts, a little biscuit and toasty brown malts. Next comes nutty caramel and toffee, The end has a candy sugar like sweetness with a decent herbal/grassy bitterness; as well as a boozy smack.

Overall it's okay, but not great. It has the typical UK style malt/hop characteristics but it's quite boozy tasting. @ Beerhive & likely to select liquor stores.

Returning champions: Bristlecone Brown Ale from Uinta & Radius from Desert Edge Brewing. 



Tiff said...

Had the Radius last night. It was fantastic!

Douglas said...

Looks like Red Rock has 2 new beers as well. Too bad we never hear about the new stuff they do.....Mikey!

Anonymous said...

he better not be holding out on news about red rock beers! the epic pro-am is fantastic by the way

Mikey said...

Douglas. Please feel free to read the other local beer nerd's blog. Oh, wait! Nobody else is stupid enough to do a daily Utah beer blog for seven years! Besides, I keep all the RedRock beers for myself. :)

Douglas said...

By the way, the 2 Red Rock beers were really nice. Rye Pale Ale and a hoppy lager called Rope Swing. Both were really clean and super drinkable. Nice work!