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Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Bucket: Homebrew Competition

Eastern Utah, listen up! There is a homebrew competition put together by the the Bucket Homebrew shop out of Vernal. Entry deadline is 5pm on 9/15/12.

It looks like the judging and party will be held at 6550 N. Moonshine Arch Road in Vernal UT. (coyote caves aka Flintstone highway for locals). You will need to contact the Bucket for the exact location.  

The general public is welcome to come. $10 entry fee if you don't have a brew to enter. EVERYONE ATTENDING WILL JUDGE BEST IN SHOW! You can bring a tent for a $20 site fee.

The Bucket is located at 510 e. Main St. Vernal, Utah. for more info their phone is 435-781-2739  


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This sounds pretty close to a liquor violation to me. Charging admission and having tasting/judging of the beers by the general public seems pretty far afoul of the written law. I hope they have done their research on this one.