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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sea Legs Baltic Porter

There's a new addition to Uinta's Crooked Line of beers; a Baltic Porter with a hint of something extra, Rye Whiskey.

These porters were traditionally made to be stronger, more robust versions of regular porters, they were to be shipped across the North Sea, hence the name "Baltic Porter". In general, the style’s dark brown color covered up cloudiness and the smoky/roasted brown malts and bitter tastes masked brewing imperfections. The addition of stale ale also lent a pleasant acidic flavor to the style, which made it quite popular. These issues were quite important given that most breweries were getting away from pub brewing and opening up breweries that could ship beer across the world.

Sea Legs pours a very murky, dark brown, almost black color with a small tan head. The nose is brilliant! full of toffee with some chocolate biscotti, a hint of Bourbon and espresso. The taste starts with sweet chocolate with some biscuity malt flavors. A bit of dark fruits with vanilla and subtle whiskey come next with a bit of dark chocolate and toffee in the finish. The alcohol is well hidden in this 8% beer. 

The mouthfeel is medium bodied and the drinkability is very high. What a great Porter! A perfect addition to Uinta's Crooked line. For sale in Utah in the coming days. Some markets on the east coast are already selling it but Utah's DABC has yet to approve it. We'll let you know when it goes on sale.

That's not all! For the Eighth Beer o' Xmas that the Beer Gnerd pushed on thee, we have another winter warmer. Deschutes Jubelale.
Pours a chocolatey brown color with a decent size off white head with better than average lacing. 

The nose is spicy, but not overdone with caramel, dark fruits, chocolate and some nice citrusy notes. The taste starts with caramel and Chocolate notes. Dark dehydrated raisins and currents come next with spicy and earthy hops rounding out the finish. VERY tasty, a good quality beer.

Drink this one warmer rather than cold to get the most out of it. This one is going very fast may not be around after the holidays. @ Liquor Stores & "Better Beer Bars"



Diamond Mind said...

Well lord knows you love you some rye...I guess I need to get down to the jar store!!

Anonymous said...

It's nice that other states get to try this before we do!

holly said...

Porter and Whiskey. Joy!!

Jeremy Mathews said...

Anyone know when we can expect the DABC to approve this one? Maybe it made it in today? I'm excited to try it.