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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Fifth Beer o' Xmas 2012: Bohemian's Czech Pilsner

The fifth Beer o' Xmas that the Beer Gnerd pushed on thee? A brilliant Czech style Pilsner, courtesy of Bohemian Brewing. 

Pours a hazy straw color with a nice, sturdy two fingers of foam. The nose is crisp and clean with nice spicy Saaz hop aromas. Toasted malts are also strong in the background. The taste is pleasantly crisp with a firm Pilsner malt body that lets the spicy hop notes shine in the finish. Well balanced. There are some peppery notes that hang in there for a short time but then leaves the palate clean. Light to medium body, but it does possess a sturdy mouthfeel. It's gentle carbonation makes it feel almost creamy.



KAGent777 said...

My favorite "Grocery Store" Beer. So much flavor packed in 4.0 ABV. Bohemian is doing it right!


Anonymous said...

Every time I try this beer, I find my self appreciating it more and more. I just had one today, and it was deeply satisfying.

Here's wishing for some new canned beers next year!

Douglas said...

All of the Bohemian beers are good. But occasionally when I have them on tap at the brewery they are amazing.