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Friday, March 15, 2013

New Beer Friday 3/15/13

The Utah legislature never disappoints in the controversy department and this year was no different. Liquor issues will always be a divisive topic on capitol hill as long as the state insists on your your mother.

SB248 was one of the hottest topics that concerned our beer community this year. A bill that was slated to be a good thing for Utah's growing breweries was perverted by the Beer Wholesalers Association and caused proponents of Utah's small breweries to riser up in protest, in one of the biggest reversals that I can remember that was fueled by public outrage.

The bill was defeated by the majority of Utah's craft beer community, it has also fractured our tight knit beer community. Nobody really won here. It did however shine a light on the lack of political unity that exist among our brewers, vintners & distillers. They must all get on the same page so this crap doesn't happen again.

Every year our growing participation in the political process makes the beer community stronger. Personally, I'd like to thank all of you who took time out of your days to make your voices heard. It's one of the reasons I'm still able to do this shit.

Now on to New Beer Friday!

First we have Bonneville Brewing's  first seasonal. Irish Red is described as bready and malty with a touch of floral English hop character. Finishes dry with a hint of roast.
It will be only at the West Jordan and Tooele locations of AllStar Bowling. The brewpub is still a few weeks away from opening.

Ruby River Chocolate Coffee Stout: It is a traditional dry stout fermented out and conditioned with 3.5 lbs of Ghana coco nibs and 2 lbs of local coffee grounds that really give it an awesome flavor and aroma. @Riverdale & Provo Ruby River Locations

Epic Hopulent with Mosaic Hops: This version of Hopulent is a little different as you may have figured. The nose is sharp with citrus zest and big, bold pine. The taste is fruit salad. With orange, lemon, and grapefruit - all fresh and in your face. Some floral hops flesh things out, until the unassuming caramel malt supporting act kicks in. Me thinks it's the best version of this beer. @EPIC


Cartoon: Pat Bagley


Douglas said...

Let me first congratulate you Mikey for all of your help: this blog's importance cannot be understated and was crucial to help stop those terrible punitive changes from happening. I'd also like to thanks Mark Alston who was really active and not afraid to speak the truth about SB 248. Everyone should go have a Red Rock, Desert Edge, Hopppers etc. brew at the Bayou:)

Douglas said...

Also, the Ruby River Stout is really good. I mean, damn good. Go up there and try it!

Bonnie B said...

You know it's amazing, I wrote my senator and representative and received personal emails from each of them. I have to admit that it's super awesome to feel like I am a part of such a strong beer community here in Utah. Let's hope any division caused by this issue between small brewers and larger distributors can be healed quickly; and let this be a learning experience about cooperation and communication. Also, let me second Doug's sentiments. Thank you Mikey, not only for the information you provide on this blog, but for your advocacy.

Matt M. said...

Yes, thank you Mikey!

Douglas said...

Wasatch has a new beer, Fire in the Mountain Smoked Porter. At the brewery and Co-op.

Brian said...

FYI: I went to Epic yesterday and they aren't releasing the Mosiac until next Friday.