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Thursday, March 14, 2013

While at the Grocey Store...

It seems that when we discuss new beers that have entered the market the topic usually turns to, "what liquor stores are they at"? Today is one of those rare occasions where you don't have to find a liquor store, they're at your good ol' grocers.

Deschutes River Ale: Bready & grassy undertones, & ending with citrus, faint mint, an herbal and mild biscuity finish.

Phoenix Ale Brewing Hoppy Valley IPA: Hop forward, with grapefruit and citrus flavors, a hint of pine and a tiny bit of malt on the finish.

Unsacred Unfaithful IPA: Floral & grassy light biscuit, not much malt body 

Unsacred Rimando's Wit: Estery, some citrus, wheat, a bit of spice.

Unsacred The Vision Lager: Slightly grassy & grainy, with some sourness.

Unsacred Priesthood Pale Ale: An earthy pale with mostly pine & hints of citrus

Boulder Brewing Singletrack: Sweet, clean, buttery base supports a very citric and American (odd) hop. The nutty note is there as well. Only a slight cardboard finish as a minor flaw.

Boulder Brewing Buffalo Gold: Sweet pale malt, grain, mild floral hops, and slightly metallic.



Bryce said...

Do you happen to know what grocery stores are carrying the Deschutes?

Ray said...

Select Whole Foods Have everything but Unsacared , Deschutes was at every Whole Foods I went to.

Ray said...
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Bryce said...


Bryce said...

Brett said he had River Ale yesterday at Sugarhouse Pub. He said, "it was good, but not amazing." (Brett couldn't post his own comments due to log-in issues...sorry about the test comment above).

Alex Urie said...

Anyone know where the unsacred beers are being sold?

Douglas said...

Yeah, I didn't see any Unsacred at Harmons or Dans in SLC

Ray said...

I believe Fresh Markets are carrying Unsacareds or at least the on 5300 South & 900 East is.