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Friday, March 08, 2013

New Beer Friday 3/8/13

Deschutes River Ale: Havn't had this yet, but it's described as starting with bready & grassy undetones, & ending with citrus, faint mint, an herbal and mild biscuity finish. This is the 4.0% beer that Deschutes has been promising. @DABC. If you see it, please tell us where.

Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot: The Nose is of pine, citrus,and earth. The taste starts with pine & citrus notes up front, being quickly met by a strong malt backbone. The finish is nutty & hoppy, a typical Lagunitas hop finish. It's listed as an "Imperial Brown Ale" but tastes more like an Imperial Red. @ Beerhive

It's also Fresh Cask Friday! Donovan has two casks today. One is a Scottish, Bruce's 80/- Scottish with Coriander Seed. Golden Promise barley and caramel malts. The other is a Spring Wheat Ale. A nice easy drinking cask wheat. Some great clean flavors and finished with Tettnanger hops. @Hoppers

Another version of of Bruce's 80 will be offered on tap Friday the 15th & which will also be on cask on Saturday the 16, 11 am instead of Friday, due to St. Patrick's Day. This one aged with Scotch Oak.



DJ said...

The Deschutes River Ale is also at the Trolley Square Whole Foods now, as well as Cottonwood Heights.

Alex Urie said...

Deschutes River Ale is on shelves at sugarhouse Whole Foods...... Safe to say its at all whole foods?