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Friday, July 12, 2013

New Beer Friday 7/12/13

It's been another slow week, but don't despair; this week's New Beer Friday will make up for it all. This massive list of new beer options will have you feeling like everything is going to be alright!

Desert Edge Bavweisse Bavarian Weisbeir: The lightest offering of the week is wheat beer full of  banana and clove. Haven't had a chance to stop in have one of these yet. This is a brand new offering from Desert Edge. @ Desert Edge

Firestone Walker §ucaba (Abacus): The nose is very complex, full of whiskey oak, fig, molasses and tobacco. The taste follows with a nice rich palate of chocolate covered cherries, fig and vanilla. It ends with a hint of pine, moist caramel cake and bit of toffee. A stunning English style barleywine. @ Beerhive & Liquor Stores.

Firestone Walker Parabola: This Russian Imperial Stout is semi-sweet with malt, chocolate, black roast, delicate bourbon whiskey, vanilla, butterscotch and licorice. It finishes with espresso coffee and whiskey.
Incredibly complex.

Boulevard Grainstorm Black Rye IPA: The nose is citrusy and slightly metalic. Rye and roasted coffee round it out. The taste starts with citrus and roasted coffee. Semisweet chocolate and spicy rye come next with a piney hop finish. Not bad. But if your going to go with a "black rye IPA" I'd have to go recomend a  Wookey Jack. @ Bayou, Beerhive & Liquor Stores.

Deschutes/Great Lakes Class of  '88 Imperial Smoked Porter: The nose has roasted malts, big smoke and cocoa powder. The taste starts with chocolate, coffee and molasess. The smoke comes next but is much less pronounced than it is in the nose. The smoke blends nicely with the roast, neither one overpowering the other. Finishes fairly dry. An exceptionally nice, medium bodied smoked porter.@ Bayou, Beerhive & Liquor Stores.

Kona Big Wave Golden Ale: Big Wave is light golden ale with a subtle fruitiness and delicate hop aroma. A smooth, easy drinking refreshing ale. The lightly roasted honey malt contributes to the golden hue of this beer and also gives a slight sweetness that is balanced out by our special blend of hops. @Beerhive

Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Big Foot: The taste starts sweet with molasses, vanilla, and nice drying pine follows. Bitter oak and some invited whiskey heat on the finish. Toffee and pine linger. There is a lot going on and all of the flavors work well together. @Beerhive

Boulevard Love Child No. 3: Oak barrels were used to age the majority of beer used for Love Child No. 3—with beer aged from 16 months to nearly six years. Another portion of the beer spent 11 months in stainless tanks, souring on Lactobacillus. While very tart, the sourness is short-lived and the beer finishes dry with a trace of oak. @Beerhive

Boulevard Terra Incognita: Hints of dark fruits including plum and fig. Finishes with a earthy/slightly dirty characteristic. Complexity of the beer is apparent as it warms with a subtle tartness at the finish that's very pleasing. @Beerhive

Rogue Farms Roguenbier Rye: Smoked malt dominates this tasty beer. It's sad because it takes over the rye and all but mutes it. it's a good rauchbier, but a lousy rye beer. @Beerhive

Squatters Wheat Peat: Haven't tried this one yet, you?

Widmer Hopside Down India Pale Lager: Part of Widmer's Rotator Series. Starts out as malty and assertively hopped. Quite richly flavored for a lager. Slightly sweet with a strong hop presence. Tastes almost savory bitterness is a little on the high side of medium. Mild caramel and an earthy slightly cedar flavored. If you like the RedRock/Pelican beer Cohoperation, you'll like this. @Beerhive

Fresh Cask Friday @ Hoppers  It's Hoppy Valley Pale - An American style pale ale, some caramel malt, all Cascade late hopping and even more cascade leaf dry hop in the cask. Has a nice citrus and soft malt flavor.

For today's Firkin Friday at the Bayou, Uinta Brewing will be pouring their Trader session IPA. It's been dry-hopped with whole leaf Amarillo hops in the cask. Amarillos impart a spicy orange and other citrus characters. They are also known to give a beer a bit of floral profile, too. Tapping is around 3pm.

Returning Champs

Squatters Bumper Crop: The 4% version of this lavender ale is now on Squatters' seasonal taps around town.

Epic's Big Bad Baptist: It's good to be a local. There's a very limited, brewery cold case only, release of Big Bad Baptist. Batch #12 was brewed last October the 28th and was bottled on July 6th. It weighs in at 10.8% ABV.

Whew! Did I miss anything? Please share if I did!



Goofy McWanker said...

My budget will permit me a couple bottles of Big Bad and and a couple pints of the firkin. Hey, I can't complain TOO much.

Douglas said...

Wheat Peat or Wee Peat? I've had Squatters Wee Peat.

Mikey said...

Not "Wee Peat"

Douglas said...

Mikey, I'm pretty sure it is Wee Peat bro!

BTreotch said...

That Trader IPA Firkin was delish.. so smooth..

Mikey said...

Don't shoot the messenger, but Love Child #3 & Terra Incognita have not come in yet.