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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Annex By Epic Brewing

Just when you thought the Salt Lake area had enough breweries/brewpubs comes word that that the next great thing is just around the corner. 

The Annex By Epic Brewing is a brand new brewpub by well... Epic, that's setting up shop in the "Sugarhood". It will have it's own brew house separate from the main brewery downtown. It will be occupying a space in the old Granite Furniture building and will hopefully be operating by this Fall.

Look for gastrobub type cuisine and new beers (high and low alcohol)  from Epic's newest venture.

Epic has been very busy as of late, their new Denver brewery is online and the breweries Taphouse/Pub will be under construction soon. Congrats Epic's!


Photo: Anna Erikson


Erick said...

Yes another place I can walk to!

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