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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pie & Beer Day 2013

If your ancestors or family came to Utah by car, train or plane instead of by a hand cart and they did not forgo their cultural tradition in regards to fermented grain, grape, apple or honey; I have just one thing to say to you my friends, Happy Pie & Beer Day!

I hope to have a piece of Bourbon Pecan Pie paired with a relatively young Anniversary Barleywine. What's in your arsenal today?

And if you haven't already, check out SLUG Magazines Pie & Beer Day Issue, with tons of content from yours truly other great local writers.


Pictured above: Wasatch's own Greg Schirf with best use of a pioneer hand cart ever!

1 comment:

Eric Scitt said...

I had a salted caramel chocolate cream pie and the Epic Brainless with peaches. I went all out today! Truthfully I think I would have been more happy with my two old favorites Banana Cream and Wasatch Hef.