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Monday, July 01, 2013

Another "Can" Do Attitude

If you had any doubts, cans are the thing right now. Every local brewery that has embraced them has found success with the once shunned containers. Bohemian Brewing started with 'em, Moab Brewing came next, with Uinta close behind; now the Utah Brewers Cooperative is entering the game (again) with their own canning line.

The Wasatch/Squatters brands are no stranger to cans, it wasn't too long ago that you may remember seeing some of their canned products on grocery store shelves around the state. They may have been slightly ahead of the curve and people were likely hesitant to trust their craft brands to packaging that had a bad rep. Those canned beers were not packaged in Utah, these will be.

It looks like the new cans will have a new look and they'll be starting with two Squatters brands, Full Suspension Pale Ale and Hop Rising. What do you guys think of the new trend and what beers/breweries would you like to see in cans? 



Ed said...

Awesome. Full Suspension would probably be my first choice... So there you go.

D-Dub said...

I love this trend toward cans, especially in this market. I would like to see Bonneville beer in cans ;)

Tiff said...

I love the new trend. Cans are so much easier to deal with than bottles.

kent said...

Echoing what others have said. Cans are just so much more convenient, and much easier to recycle.


More the better!

Joe Snow said...

I'm hestitant to embrace cans because I haven't heard from a single brewery that uses a BPA free lining, so I'll stick to bottles, unless I'm on a river trip or something.