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Monday, August 26, 2013

Lagunitas High West-ified Cappuccino Stout

The beer pictured above has a lot of people, "freaking the fuck out". It appears that Lagunitas Brewing got their hands on some of our locally made, High West Whiskey barrels and aged some of their Cappuccino Stout in them.

People have been asking me all weekend (if and where) it will be available in the state. I'd have to say, no it will not be for sale in Utah. It's likely High West's place in Park City will get a few bottles for sale or for the enjoyment of the distillers, but by the looks of the label, it's a "Ridiculously Limited Bottling" and that generally means, "not a chance in Hell - Utah"!

If anyone does happen to see some of this floating around, a little nudge in the proper direction would be helpful. Lagunitas has become one of the more popular breweries to enter the market in recent years, hopfully we will see more local collaborations with them.



ZB said...

i just talked with High West...they will not be getting any in...most of this batch was kegged...high west received 10 bottles for their staff to sample.. ..ill keep an eye out while im in CO and maybe i can bring some back

Mikey said...

Here's some info, High West sent me.
"Unfortunately the concoction will only be released on the west coast, and in very very few locations, not bottled, only kegged. (I don't even think THEY know exactly where they're going to pour it, but definitely at their brewery and perhaps at some pairing dinners and such...)

The bottle pictured is one of only 12 in existence and just simply bottled special for us to show us what they have been working on. Jack and Jeremy (Sales Reps for the company) stopped by last week and we had a little tasting amongst the crew. We have however discussed possibly doing a larger/bottled run on the next go around but that, at the moment, is just talk for now..." Thanks much, Brendan for the info.

kent said...

We had this at GABF. Oh lordy! The rye is noticeable but not overpowering. Chocolatey and roasty. Really good. It was one of the highlights of the fest for me.

Mikey said...

Agreed! One of my favorite parts of the trip.