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Friday, August 16, 2013

New Beer Friday 8/16/13

Hurricane Malt Liquor: I don't spend a ton of time over at the malt liquor section of the cold case, but this caught my eye and it's new to me. So, I'm taking one for the team.

Pours a very clear darkish gold color, some head in the bottle. This was, as malt liquors go, not bad. It was sweet and adjuncty, but not over the top, and alcohol was not kicking you in the throat the whole time. Mouthfeel is neutral. Very cheap, not a good experience, but not terrible. I need a hug.

Schöffhofer Grapefruit: Pours an attractive hazy whitish yellow color. The nose is pure "grapefruit soda". The taste is a nice mix of grapefruit with a pale malt backbone. The flavor is much more grapefruit juice than beer, but has a nice tartness to the finish that makes it far more refreshing than any cooler on the market. And the 2.5% ABV is absolutely perfect for hot weather activities

I hesitate to call this a true "beer", it may blur the line between a fruit beer and malternative beverage. I think its's probably closer to a shandy. Either way, it's quite drinkable. I found it at Harmon's.

Haas needs hop help again! Chris Haas head brewer at Desert Edge Brewing needs help gathering wild hops for his Radius ale. The date is Wednesday, August 21. They will start at 8 a.m. and go into the evening. Info is here.  



Tiff said...

I got your hug right here Mikey!

Jamie said...

Tiff- we can make a Mikey sandwich!

Jamie said...

Tiff- we can make a Mikey sandwich!

Ray said...

Fikin Friday?

Tiff said...

Jamie - it's a date!