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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Squatters' Snowbird Dunkelweizen

Last year Alta Ski Resort celebrated their 75th birthday. To help honor their three quarters of a century in the Ski Business the Utah Brewers Cooperative created a new beer for the occasion, Alta 75th Anniversary Ale. The beer will be sticking around even though the anniversary has past.

Now comes word that Squatters has come up with a new beer for Alta's Little Cottonwood Canyon cousin Snowbird Resort. This 4.0% Dunkleweizen doesn't appear to celebrate a milestone at Snowbird as far as I know, it just appears to be a new brand for Squatters and something that Snowbird can sell to tourist and visitors.

This is likely for sale very soon. Hell, it may already be filling mugs at Snowbird's Oktoberfest. Has anyone seen it yet? 

I love Dunkles, but what are your thoughts on this new offering?



holly said...

I really love dunkelweizen beer, so I am a bit blinded by my excitement for fresh dunkel to think much on why Squatters might have created this for Snowbird. Not normally a fan of U.S. Hefeweizens - apparently they need a slice of lemon to make them taste okay - so I am interested to give this a go. Please be amazing!!

kent said...

I too love a good dunkelweizen. This will be a welcome addition.