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Friday, August 09, 2013

New Beer Friday 8/9/13

Zion Apricot Ale: Tastes like a standard hefe but with major focus on apricot rather than citrus. You get wheat, apricot, and spice. The apricot flavoring is moderate. Aftertaste is mellow with wheat. @Zion Canyon Brewing

Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin:
There’s a nice side taste of tingly rich fruits. The after taste is slightly bitter, with a sweet caramely/bready linger.

Wychwood Brewery Scarecrow Organic: The nose is malty with a little sweetness and some bready notes. The taste is a bit malty sweet with a slight herbal hoppiness. Mouthfeel is light to medium bodied.
Many have asked me to include meads, ciders and fruit wines to New Beer Friday. Cool! 

The Hive Winery Plum Wine: A bright, clean wine with a soft medium sweet finish. This wine has a subtle floral nose with a slight earthiness in the back notes. The slightly acidic finish on the wine accents the pleasing fresh plum flavor.

Today's Firkin Friday offering at the Bayou is Desert Edge's Rye aged in Chardonnay Oak. Tapping at 3:00.



kent said...

Hidden culture of aggression in girls! It's never seemed all that hidden to me

Where are the Wychwood's at?

Ray said...

I bought a couple of hobgoblin's at the fort union store on wed, went back on thursday and they were out.

Michael said...

Sandy store had some earlier today