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Monday, November 11, 2013

Beer Geek Social Media

In an effort to better incorporate beer geek social media with their selection of beers the Bayou in SLC has added individual beer link on their website for users of Rate Beer and Untappd on thier mobile devices. The new features on the Bayou's website are simple enough - just identify the beer from the huge list of offerings tap the specific site you wish to be linked to and voilĂ , no searching or miss-spelled error notifications. It's just another thing to expand my beer geek reach while annoying my wife. 

And if your indecisive like me, there is also a random beer generator to help you consider something from the menu that you may never thought of. 

If your not using any beer related social media and want to give it a whirl and try me on Untappd - user name "utahbeer". from there you'll be able to hook-up with many like minded beer dorks.


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