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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Salt Lake's Newest Brewery Arrives

Since mid-September, The Annex Gastropub/Brewery has been serving up food and Epic brews in the heart of Sugarhouse. Though the restaurant is doing well, it's only been operating at half of it's potential. The brewery part of the pub has been sitting empty waiting for new stainless steel tanks to fill it.

Finally Sugarhouse's first brewery is soon to be a reality. New beer making toys arrived earlier this week, and have already been placed into their new home. Though the Annex is owned and operated by Epic Brewing the beers being made at the new brewery will be unique to the Annex.

Though you'll still be able to get Epic's full range of locally produced beers (including Unsacred), look for new beers ranging in ABV from the the typical 4% to... whatever the system can handle. The new brewhouse is expected to go online in a couple of weeks and if all goes well we should start seeing new Annex beers by Christma-kwans-ukkah. Wahoo!

Also in Epic News - Epic Brewing was awarded two medals at the Great International Beer & Cider Competition in Providence, Rhode Island on November 8th.
Imperial IPA won Silver in the Strong Beer - Imperial IPA category.

Double Skull Doppelbock Lager won a Bronze in the Strong Beer - Doublebock category.


Plang said...

Pack up the car, kids! We're going on a roadtrip to Sugarhouse!

D-Dub said...

Does this mean they will be hand-bottling on site for the higher-ABV product?

Mikey said...

To sell the beer made there, they would have to be bottled there.

Ray said...

Have heard that they're trying to get a packaging license so they can sell their high percentage beer to go.

Ray said...

That they have brewed there.