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Monday, November 25, 2013

The Sugar House Distillery

Today's post is not exactly beer related but it's a sign of where we are headed in the pursuit of locally produced adult beverages.

Great news! It looks like Utah has another small batch distillery on the way. The Sugar House Distillery, SLC's newest producer of adult beverages received it's federal permit two months ago on September, 23rd and is awaiting it's state permit to begin operations in the coming weeks. The distillery is planning to be up and running by Jan 1st if everything goes as planned in the Dec meeting with the State of Utah and will start off by making a vodka and will be releasing a honey whiskey shortly after opening.

While we're waiting for the new distillery to go online, SHD could use your help in deciding what their Logo should look like. Check out these options and visit their Facebook Page to lend your support. 

The Sugar House Distillery will be located at 2200 south and West Temple in Salt Lake City.

We'll bring you updates on their progress and specifics of the operation in the coming weeks. Welcome to the family!



Cathie Hansen said...

Awesome ! Thank you so much for the love, we appreciate it so much.
We are creating ultra-premium spirits . We will be using local products such as , wheat ,barley,corn,honey, and fresh water from the beautiful Wasatch Mountains !
Looking forward to seeing you at the Distillery !
Best regards, Sugar House Distillery

Meagan said...

This is so exciting! I live very close by. I'm curious if you'll have a bar or restaurant or a tasting room perhaps? So happy to see another local distillery, especially in the valley this time!