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Friday, November 22, 2013

New Beer Friday 11/22/13

When local beer geeks heard that New Belgium Beers were hitting the market, the first question people asked was, "are we gunna get more than just Fat Tire"? Well we all hoped that would be the case, today I can say, that is the case! - and the Beerhive just got quite a few regular and seasonal beers from NB. Here they are.

New Belgium: Lips Of Faith - Cigar City Collaboration (Ale Brewed With Chilies) - The nose is spicy with cinnamon fresh chiles. The taste starts with apple and a bit of roasted chile meat. An earthy bitterness comes next with spicy Belgian yeast rounding out the end. Interesting, but a little thin and light to hold my attention.

New Belgium: Hop Kitchen - Fresh Hop India Pale Ale - A nice nose of citrus, pine, grapefruit mingled with earthy New Belgium yeast. The taste follows the aroma. Citrus, bitter pine with floral hops that meld with a plain caramel malt flavors. The end is dominated by earthy yeast, citrus and floral hops. The finish is semi dry. Nice beer but it won't be so nice in a couple of weeks so drink it now.

New Belgium Rampant IIPA: The nose is primarily citrusy hops, followed by some sweet grainy malts. The tastes starts with citrusy hops with some bready caramel malts. Caramel and toasted malt tend to dominate in the middle. the end has hints of lemon and pine. Not too complex, malts tend to dominate over the hops.

New Belgium: Abby - The nose is of banana, maple syrup and some dark fruit with mild alcohol. Caramel and syrup in the beginning with notes of banana, some fruitiness. Spicey esters come next with toffee and a mild alcohol warming at the end. The flavor was left lingering on the taste buds for a nice long while along with the mild taste of alcohol. This is a really nice full bodied Abby style ale.

New Belgium: Trippel - The nose full of floral notes, clove, coriander, and some strong banana character. The taste starts ripe with banana and cookie dough. Corriander, and clove come next with as juicy citrus hops round out the finish. The alcohol is very well hidden. Again a nice interpretation on the style, very nice.

New Belgium: Lips Of Faith - Wild2 Dubbel (Ale Brewed With Schisandra) - The nose starts with raisins, molasses and some spicy banana. The taste follows with Belgian yeast, fig, raisin and gingerbread. The end is peppery and yeasty. Faint hints of sour funk appear in the finish. I don't normally gravitate to Dubbels but I like this.

Kona: Pipeline Porter - The nose is straight-up coffee. The taste is coffee with some cocoa, cola and some smoke in the finish. This is a straight forward coffee porter. If you like 'em you'll love this.

Pelican: Silverspot IPA - A nice hoppy nose with a light maltiness and a hint of spicy yeast. The taste starts sweet with malt and hints of toffee. Nice, floral and citrusy hops come next with a bit of earthiness. The hops are not as strong as they are in the nose, but the balance is nice. Quite a tasty example of the English style.

Wasatch: Park City Golden Anniversary Ale - I haven't tried this one yet, anyone? @ Beer Store - Squatters/Wasatch bottleshops. 

All of these are available at the Beerhive, get before they dissapear!



Mikey said...

For Firkin Friday @ the Bayou RedRock is pouring their 3000th batch of beer from the downtown brewpub. A Belgian Brown Ale brewed with coriander, star of anise and toasted fennel. Firkin tapping @ 3:00pm.

Southpaw said...

Epic's Elder Brett is back. Bottles are in the cold case. Happy Friday!

DJ said...

The only difference I tasted between the PC Golden Anniversary Ale and the Alta 75th Anniversary Ale was the PC is a little less old and discriminatory than the Alta.

In all seriousness though, the PC just tasted like a fresher, colder, more carbed Alta, which was most likely due to me trying it the day it was released as opposed to the Alta which had been bottled and handled for who knows how long.

Frank E Byrd said...

I still can't believe we have New Belgium Beers! Do you know where I can find the Abbey Ale for purchase?

Mikey said...

Frank, right now it's only at the Beerhive. As far as I know.

Ed said...

Yeah--I've only seen Fat Tire and Accumulation at the liquor store. Subject to change...