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Monday, November 18, 2013

Snowbird Dunkelweizen

Debuting last September at Snowbird's Oktoberfest Celebration, Squatters' Snowbird Dunkelweizen proved to be a big hit among the attendees looking for a little extra German flare at the festival.

It's not surprising, Hefeweizens are very popular in the area and since Dunkels are akin to their wheaty cousin they seem like a natural fit. Brewed with darker barley malts (Dunkel means "dark") along with the wheat malt these beers are deliciously complex with low hop bitterness. The yeast used creates the clove and banana characters that are very similar to banana bread. Most are murky brown in appearance, another trait of the yeast.

You should start seeing Snowbird's Dunkel in the stores any day (currently at Squatters and the Beer Store) if it isn't already and I suspect it will be at one or two tap handles at Snowbird Resort. 4% ABV


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