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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Beertown, Utah

What city do you live in? Does it have a brewery? It may not now, but once upon a time there was likely a brewery in your neck of the woods. Breweries once dotted the Utah landscape before the uber-richeous destroyed our much beloved beverage during prohibition. Every corner of the state had a regional brewery to take care of the needs of thirsty pioneers and settlers.

Just for the Hell of it, I'd thought I'd wax nostalgic about Utah's beer past as others try to wedge their heels into the throats of our present.You may be surprised by the location of some of these breweries.

Alta, Utah:
Wm. Nichnitz Brewery          1877-1884
Charles Thied Brewery          1884-1888

Beaver, UT:
Geo. Buchner Brewery          1874-1877
A. A. Fischer Brewery           1877-1880
Jas. Valentine Brewery           1880-1884

Bingham, UT:
Albert Uebel Brewery            1875-1877
Wehrsitz Brewery                   1877-1878

Corinne City, UT:
N. Amsler Brewery                 1874-1880
Baier & Dehler Brewery    1880-1884

Emigration Canyon, UT:
Henry Wagener Brewery         1874-1875

Frisco, UT:
John Savior & Co Brewery 1879-1880
John C. Reher Brewery            1880-1884

Hot Springs, UT:
Crossley & Co. Brewery    1874-1877
James Crossley Brewery            1877-1879

Logan, UT:
Jacob Theurer Brewery              1886-1887
Theurer & Bloom Brewery    1887-1888
Cache Valley Brewing Co.          1888-1912
Henry Worley Brewery               1879-1884
Hermann Vogel Brewery             1884-1893
Logan City Brewing Co              1893-1901

Milford, UT:
M. Ormond Brewery                   1882-1884

Minersville, UT:
Dupax & Keisler Brewery    1874-1877
G. Kiesche Brewery                    1877-1878

Murray, UT:
South Cottonwood Brewery         1888-Unknown
Mayfield & Co. Brewery       1893-Unknown

Nephi City, UT:
Samual Coulson Brewery               1878-1884
Becker Brewing & Malting Co.    1892-1918
Beckers Products Co.                    1934-1962
Becker Brewing Co.                       1962-1965
Brickmiller & Wells Brewery   1874-1879
Ransom A. Wells Brewery              1879-1882
Ransom A. Wells & Co Brewery    1882-1897
M. Brickmiller Brewery                   1874-1875
Richter & Frey Brewery          1874-1882
John J. Frey Brewery                      1882-1884
Richter & McCarthy Brewery   1884-1886
L. Schmidt & Co. Brewery       1886-1890
Schellhas Brewing Co.                     1891-1891

Ogden, UT
Becker Brewing & Malting Co1893 - 1954

Ophir City, UT(Ghost Town near Stockton, UT):
Benedict Brewery                             1874-1875
Hall and Beyer Brewery                    1874-1875
Henry Horning Brewery                    1875-Unknown
Nestler Brewing Co                          1904-1904

Salt Lake City, UT:

James Burns Brewery                        Unknown-1878
Joseph Dudler Brewery                     1874-1875
A. Fisher Brewing Co.                       1884-1918
Fisher Brewing Co.                            1934-1960
Lucky Lager Brewing Co.                  1960-1964
General Brewing Corp                       1964-1967
William Fuller Brewery                       1874-1875
Fred Heime Brewery                          1875-Unknown
Harry Joseph-Becks Hot Springs Brewery    1933-1933
Richard B. Margetts Brewery               1878-1881
Richard B. Margetts' Estate Brewery    1881-1895
A. B. & S. H. Margetts Brewery   1895-1900
Utah Brewery                                       1900-1913
Utah Brewing Co.                                 1913-1918
Mayetto & Donse Brewery           1874-1875
Jacob Moritz Brewery                          1871-1874
Moritz & Co Brewery                   1874-1877
Keyser & Moritz Brewery             1877-1882
Keyser & Cullen Brewery              1882-1884
Salt Lake City Brewing Co.                   1884-1918
Moritz & Johnson Brewery            1874-1875
Nestler & Co Brewery                  1903-1904
Pfaudler & Co. Brewery                1874-1875
Henry Wagener Brewery                       1864-1894
Wagener Brewing Co. Inc                     1894-1897
Henry Wagener Brewing Co.                 1897-1915

Sandy, UT:
Joseph Schuler Brewery                       1874-1877
Maria Schuler Brewery                         1877-1882
Geo. Martin & Co. Brewery          1882-1884
John Hardcastle Brewery                      1884-1886
Riley H. Graves Brewery                      1886-1888

Silver Reef, UT (now Leeds, Ut):
B. Noebling Brewery                           1879-1879
P. Welte Brewery                                 1878-1884
Leo Welte Brewery                              1884-1888

South Cottonwood, UT:
R. Winkler Brewery                             1878-1879
John Arnold Brewery                           1879-1884

Springville, UT:
Geo. Dallin Brewery                             1875-1877
John Dallin Brewery                              1877-1884

Vernal, UT:
Joseph Dudler Brewery                         1890-1891

I'm sure some breweries are missing. Record keeping wasn't always the best and some towns flat out try to omit the fact that breweries and distilleries ever existed in their little corners of the state. And just a reminder that Utah's 2014 Legislative session begins next week, we'll do our best to filter all the relative adult beverage happenings to keep everyone informed of what going on in our little beer universe.



Douglas said...

Great info. We are still recovering from Prohibition in many places. While Prohibition didn't kill alcohol consumption, it did almost kill good beer.

Glen Lyon said...

You missed Ogden all together. Becker Brewing Company (1893 - 1954) was very successful.


Craig said...

Any relation to the king (in his mind). Maybe he should go back to his roots.
Jas. Valentine Brewery 1880-1884

Mikey said...

Can't believe I missed Ogden and Becker. I suck.

Bullets and Buttons said...

What information, other than the names, do you have on the two breweries in Corinne? Thanks!

Mikey said...

That is all the info I have. Sorry.