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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mother Earth Brew Co. Arriving Soon

New beers will soon be entering the state via the Beehive. Del Vance (owner) informed me that he has struck a deal with Mother Earth Brew Co. out of San Diego to bring some of their portfolio of beers to the Beerhive.

Mother Earth Brew Co. was founded in 2008 with the goal; to create distinguished, hand crafted beers that stimulate sensory conversation and to promote the art and science of craft beer making.. Their brewery not only houses a 6,000 sq. foot Tap House but also has it's own Homebrew Supply Store.

Del tells me he's getting two of their nine IPAs, a Vanilla Cream Ale and one of their Stouts. They should be arriving at the Beerhive any day, we'll let you know when.

Note: There are two breweries in the U.S. that use the name "Mother Earth". These are the San Diego beers not the North Carolina brews.


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