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Friday, January 10, 2014

New Beer Friday 1/10/14

Just to let it be known... I'm not a happy camper. My ass has been on the wagon since the year began and I still have a couple to go. Which means, even though I'm still writing about beer - the lack of it is turning me into a whiny lil' bitch. So while I may not have had some of the new beers available this week, some people who's opinions I trust have.  Here's my best interpretations of their drunk'n slurring remarks.

Uinta Tinder: This one I have had! The first whiff in the nose gives off hints of smoked pork. The smoke definitely comes through in the taste as well. I got much more subdued smoke in the taste - along with dark caramel malts with hints of cocoa in the finish. The hops are grassy and spicy. They add to the nice lager bite. 6.5% ABV @Uinta Brewing

Roosters Hellevation IPA: My friends that have tried Hellevation (feel free to chime in) have mixed reactions, and by mixed reactions I mean, they either hate it or love it. Here are some of their brief thoughts. 7% ABV @Roosters Brewing & other better beer bars

New Belgium's "Hop Kitchen Series" Rewind: This the Second in the Hop Kitchen Series that Utah has recived. This one is is described as more of an English IPA with hops that lean more toward the floral end of the spectrum with citrusy hops backing them up. 7% ABV @Beerhive

For Firkin Friday, Wasatch's Park City 50th Anniversary w/ Styrian Goldings hops is being poured at the Bayou at 3pm and I believe at Poplar St. Pub.

Some fine beers have also returned this week as well.

Epic Santa Cruz Brown IPA: One of my favorites from Epic. Nice malty and toasty bed with a decent dose of pine and citrus. Yum!

Uinta Yard Sale: A great toasty amber lager full of Nobel hop goodness. Always in my fridge. Formerly Gelande Amber Lager. 4.0% ABV. Available everwhere

Lagunitas Brown Shugga: Basically a barleywine, this is an excellent beer with a nice balance of hops against a sweet malt bill. Hop flavor is on the the piney side but finishes with grapefruit notes. 9.99% ABV @DABC and better beer bars

Lagunitas Sucks Brown Shugga Substitute Ale: Brown Shugga's little brother has a nice candy sweetness paired against lots of tropical fruits. Toasty towards the end  - but it takes away nothing from the juicy tropical hops. 7.85 ABV @DABC and better beer bars



Diamond Mind said...

Oh mikey, you are breaking my heart!! Maybe this is why you didn't have your party? I feel for you brother, if I need to bring you an Odouls let me know!!

Mikey said...

Marc, we had the party! Were you in a coma?

Ray said...

Mikey, thank you for posting my rant yet again! I'm honored.

Matthew said...

Has anyone seen Deschutes "The Abyss" around these parts? Just curious.

kent said...

Matthew I know the bayou has it. I haven't seen it at any stores lately though.

Goofy McWanker said...

Sugarhouse DABC had a case a month ago, and at $20 a bottle, there's a chance they still have some.

Matthew said...

Thanks boys. I found a nice stash over at the 3rd West Wine Store.

Matthew said...

Thanks boys. I found a nice stash over at the 3rd West Wine Store.