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Friday, January 17, 2014

New Beer Friday 1/17/14

In an effoert to try and broaden all of our horizon we're going to try to mix in some more ciders and meads into tthe mix when available. The Hive Winery has a new Melomel in their line-up this week. Melomels are basically meads that contains fruit (such as raspberry, blackberry or strawberry).

The Hive Winery's Preacher's Son Blueberry Honey is rich, flavorful, blueberry dominates the front flavor with delightful delicate notes of clover honey. sure to live up to it's slogan. This is a very limited release with less than 177 full size bottles.

Returning  Beers

Double Black Lager is back on at Hoppers . It pours a dark brown with garnet highlights just a hint of cocoa powder or dark chocolate in the finish, yet creamy smooth and dangerously easy to drink. All German except for the water and the brewer.

The Avenues Proper's Hopspital IPA returns as well, but with a twist. This latest batch was hopped exclusively with Simcoe hops so it should have a nice tangerine smack.  

RedRock has the firkin today at the Bayou. This afternoons offering is RR's Organic Zwicklebier with citra hops. A traditional lager with very nontraditional hops. 



Bonneville brewery said...

Free Roller Pale Ale is back on at the Bayou for the long term. We still have a rotating handle as well.

don said...

Not sure if this is news or not, but the American Fork liquor store just added 2 more Lagunitas to their lineup. And even though I know you can get it in some restaurants, I was beyond stoked to see a stack of Lagunitas Sucks "Brown Shugga Substitute" sitting on the shelf. And right next to that, bombers of Hairy Eyeball.

I love that brown sugar stuff. Soooo delicious.

Ray said...

Have heard that the draper store has more lines of new belgium like 1554 and Shift.